iPhonography Class with Gay Ayers

On February 11, 2020, Dame and expert photographer, Gay Ayers, held a free iPhonography Class for fellow Connecticut Dames.

Hosted at the home of Mary Russell, Gay demonstrated how to use one’s iPhone, iPad, or Android cell phone to take photos and turn them into beautiful watercolor-like images. Attending Dames learned to use their cellphone and/or tablet, plus three simple-to-use apps (Snapseed, TouchRetouch, and iColorama), to:

  • Use the rule of thirds to compose a photo
  • Lock in the focus and exposure properly when taking photos
  • Improve their shots through editing
  • Retouch unwanted objects in their photos
  • Enhance their photos and turn them into amazing pieces of art

Photo credit: Bill Kellett

L-R: Mary Young, Kathy Civitillo, Nancy MacColl, Mary Russell, Gay Ayers, and Martha Simpson