Membership in NSCDA-CT: Applicant must show descent from either a qualifying ancestor on the Register of Ancestors (“ROA”) or an ancestor who meets eligibility criteria who will be added to the ROA. Members are proposed by a member in good standing and the Registrar of NSCDA-CT is instrumental in assisting applicants through the process. A genealogist will review all proofs and source documentation and will prepare the official papers for the candidate.

The applicant prepares the following for the NSCDA-CT Registrar to begin the application process:

  • Application for Admission and biographical paragraph.
  • Line of Ascent (LOA) form.
  • Note from Proposer and Endorser, (Registrar will assist applicant if she does not know a “Dame”)
  • Fees: $75.00 initial application fee; $75.00 initiation fee = $150.00.
  • Genealogy fee to the reviewing genealogist is a separate fee. Candidates will be invoiced by genealogist who will have direct communication with the candidate throughout the review process.

Supplemental Papers: Current members may submit lineage proof for additional ancestors. Contact Registrar.

Associate States Members: NSCDA members residing in states other than one of the 13 original Colonies or the District of Columbia. Eligibility is through a qualifying ancestor of one of the 13 original Colonies. The Associate States Registrar will guide the application.

Courtesy Members: Dames in good-standing from another Society may become a Courtesy Member of NSCDA-CT or members of NSCDA-CT can become a Courtesy Member in another Society. If a CT Dame, all requests go through the NSCDA-CT Registrar. If a member in another Society, that Society’s Registrar will forward the request to NSCDA-CT Registrar.

Friend of the Dames: Someone who by adoption (i.e.) is related to a Dame. See Registrar for details.

Certificates of Membership: Complete order form and return to NSCDA-CT Registrar.


  1. REGISTER OF ANCESTORS: The simple and best way to verify if an ancestor is already on the ROA is to contact the Registrar.
  2. CONNECTICUT ELIGIBILITY LIST: This list shows the various categories of eligible service.
  3. LINE OF ASCENT FORM: Applicant completes the “LOA” worksheet to substantiate line to ancestor. If there are gaps missing, these are areas that will need further work by the applicant or the hiring of a genealogist to complete.

Please contact the Registrar or Associate States Registrar at [email protected].