Summer 2019 Outing to The Thankful Arnold House Museum

In June of 2019, Dames from Area 2 and Area 3 visited The Thankful Arnold House Museum in Haddam, Connecticut. The historic house museum was built in three stages between 1794 and 1810, and it serves as an example of what life was like for a Connecticut River Valley housewife of the 1800’s.

The house, “is an important part of Connecticut’s women’s history. A tour shows how the Widow Thankful Arnold lived her life, both as part of a prosperous couple when her husband was alive and as a steady, independent widow.” (New Haven Register, 2012)

Prospective Dame Mary Young joined Dames Nicole Brinley, Judy Babcock, Gay Ayers, Sue Kelley, and Mary Treadway for this interesting visit.